We are not accepting submissions at present.

Crime Wave Press is open to reading manuscripts from locations around the world.

Crime Wave Press is signing authors who can offer complete and edited manuscripts of English language crime novels. We also consider short story collections from 60.000 words up.

Crime Wave Press publishes both e-book and print format titles, and is extremely flexible in how to tackle a tough and fast-changing market, continually developing new strategies to sell books. We will decide on a case by case basis on how best to market, distribute and promote its titles.

Many fiction writers are caught in a soul-destroying runaround between agents and conventional publishers on the one hand and the circumspect concept of digital self-publishing on the other. In a market in which the same heavily marketed novels make the bestseller lists again and again, writers with unique visions have little chance of appealing to risk-averse, old school publishing houses fighting for survival. On the other hand, most writers do not have the time, energy or know-how to market their work effectively. Authors need new and innovative outlets for their work and Crime Wave Press offers a new publishing model.

That said, potential authors should keep the following publishing realities in mind before sending their manuscripts to Crime Wave Press:

Send completed manuscripts as word (doc) documents only, in 12 point Times New Roman to .

We prefer receiving manuscripts that run to no more than 90.000 words.

Please include a synopsis, no longer than one A4 page and a brief author bio as well as contact details. No covers or other images, no fancy formatting.