Jonathan Kemp

Jonathan Kemp

Jonathan Kemp is the author alter ego of award winning photographer Hans Kemp.

Hans’ photography books, documenting culture and life in both known and remote parts of Asia have sold well over 100,000 copies worldwide. His first crime novel, A Nose for Trouble, is the answer to a question long occupying his mind: How difficult can writing a book be?

Certainly not a walk in the park, Jonathan compares the writing process to the hard work of being on the road. When you set off you may have a sense of direction but the logistics will seem daunting. Along the way you will meet an array of extraordinary characters whose very existence was unacknowledged only moments earlier. Even the final destination remains obscured until you actually turn that last corner.

A Nose for Trouble is the first book in the Scanner & Max Mystery Series. New adventures loom, the empty screen begs, just as all the roads not yet traveled.

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A nose for trouble